LIREG is grooming a new generation of industry leaders through its New Gen Group.

Our LIREG New Gen Group aims to attract and increase involvement of real estate professionals under the age of 40 from such areas as development, brokerage, legal services, mortgage banking and title work. We do so by providing the opportunity for New Gen members to interact with their peers through active participation in specific charitable projects and social events, as well as to integrate with leaders in the industry as part of the greater LIREG organization.

Events, education and charitable involvement

In addition to developer-driven events with prominent speakers, we offer smaller discussion groups such as our LIREG Learns series, where industry leaders provide knowledge and expertise on various topics.

New Gen members have also participated in a number of charitable endeavors, including providing cleanup assistance to Sunrise Day Camp for children with cancer in Wheatley Heights and the Marcum & Kliegman Workplace Challenge Road Race.

The LIREG New Generation Committee:

Greg Batista

Rob Gitto

Lee Passavia

Scott Berfas

Mark Kaplan

Frances Picone

Alison Brennan

Scott Kaplan

Anuj Rihal

Scott Burman

Seth Marin

Munesh Verma

Sean Cronin

Daniel Mermel

Bram Weber